Studio Philosophy

The core principles of our studio are honesty, professionalism and the belief that everyone should do what they love!
That’s why the scope of our work includes commercial, commissioned projects as well as internal non-commercial initiatives from members of our studio.
We carefully assemble each project team to best fit our clients individual needs, their budget and deliver the latest standards of quality and design. This method of process structuring guarantees the most efficient workflow and allows us to achieve the best possible results.
We wholeheartedly believe that design should not be done the cookie-cutter template way, it should have unique individual approach each time regardless of what purpose it needs to serve. We know that the line between DESIGN and ART is getting blurrier all the time, thus creating new possibilities for us to execute the most captivating and daring ideas! We do what we love, we do it well and we are genuinely proud of everything that we’ve created.

Our History

SOZDANO was started in 2009 by its two art-directors: Alexandra Kochetkova and Irina Khamdohova. In the very begging our main objective was strictly graphic-design but eventually we were able to channel our knowledge and experience of this space into new directions. We currently have the expertise to strongly and confidently operate in creative areas such as printing and publishing, identity building and rebranding, project development and manufacturing, digital design and development as well as contemporary art.
Over the years we’ve launched dozens of projects for an eclectic array of clients, from the largest banks to small theatre groups. We’ve put together an exceptional team of professionals and built a truly rich portfolio. We’ve established a vast partner network with the help of which we’ve successfully launched bold and diverse projects attested by various awards and a roster of loyal clients that have become close friends of our studio.

Our clients

музей современного искусства Гараж
Федор Маркушевич
Auri Signum Architects
частное лицо
фонд «Ноосфера»
Frozen Yogurt Tigerbunny
Meat & Greet
Mainpeople app
Альфа Банк 5
Частный ресторатор
государственная компания Автодор
Крокус групп
Альфа Банк

Our team

Alexandra Kochetkova & Irina Khamdokhova
(Co-founders, partners)
Elena Bogdalova
(Client Service Director)
Alexandra Terekhova
(Client Service Manager)
Dmitriy Vagin
(Chief Technology Officer)
Ilyas Hanbikov
Marta Pfeiffer